new beginningss



The start of a new year is upon us.

The grandiose plans, the fresh starts, the goal setting.

There is something incredibly enticing about new beginnings.


We know when It is time to make changes. The “knowing”, this is the easy part.

That next step, however, “the do” , is the game changer.

Here it is where we often fizzle. Procrastination, rationalization and that all too familiar feeling of fear can start to creep in.

Why is it always so easy to tell others what to do, but when the ball is in our court, when we are the one who need changing, excuses and rationalizations find ways of taking over?

I have learned personally, that when we are afraid to step out of our personal comfort zone, but do so anyway, the best outcomes usually occur.

I also spent some time being affirmed by this book over the break.


Let us go and do what we need to. Whatever “your thing” happens to be, let’s overcome and tackle it together.

I can’t wait to hear how it turns out.



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