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Intake Inventories and Assessments


You may be asked to complete an inventory or assessment before your first appointment. Please follow the link provided below and bring (or email) your results. These scales are not diagnostic, but do help allow a more comprehensive view to your situation. 



Anxiety Scale 


 Depression Scale




Marriage/Couple Inventories
















Financial Information

Please note the following important policies as well as  “frequently asked questions” specific to fees:

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, however, per individual request, I can provide a “super bill” 48 hours after the session.  Please ask my administrator who will facilitate this process for you. Once you receive the super bill, you can submit the completed form to your own insurance company , who may provide reimbursement. Marriage counseling is unlikely to be reimbursed by insurance companies.

What are your fees?

Effective May 2023 fees are as noted:

Individual Counseling Rates

Intake (Adult and Child) First Appointment (90 minutes)  225.00

Child and adolescent appointments are scheduled so that the parent (only) attends the initial appointment  for the purpose of gathering background information and history.  I believe a comprehensive intake appointment is imperative to a successful outcome. If the parent (s) are not able to meet the therapist without the child attending the appointment, I will spend 60 minutes with you, and meet with your child for the last 30.

Individual Counseling (60 minutes)  150.00

*Sessions can be pro-rated on a case by case basis depending on need or circumstance.

Marriage Counseling Rates

Intake -Couples, First Session (90 minutes) 225.00

Couples Counseling (60 minutes) 185.00

EMDR Rates

The intial intake will be 225.00 and will last 90 minutes

All sessions following will last 60 minutes and will be at the standard appointment rate of 150.00


Do you offer a reduced rate?

I have a limited number of availability for reduced rate clients. Please inquire with my administrator who will be able to determine your level of eligibility as well as let you know if I am accepting reduced rate patients at the time of your appointment.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged the full fee (pending emergencies).  As an entire hour of therapy is set aside  justfor you, it is important to notify via email or calling within 24 hours so someone else who may be desiring services can be notified and plan accordingly. 

Can I schedule online?

Yes. After your first appointment, you will receive an email link inviting  you to have access to the client portal. The portal allows current clients to access my schedule and permits you to “request” an appointment Once the request is approved, you appointment is confirmed.


Please feel free to call 770.225.1746 if you have any additional questions.


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