Dating and Premarriage Therapy


Boundaries, expectations, healthy communication and the inevitable history each individual brings into the dating relationship plays an important role in whether the relationship will be successful, or not. As many these days commit to marriage later in life, dating has become an extremely common topic in the therapy room. I have worked with various “dating” couples, from college-aged students contemplating marriage, all the way to those who have just left their own long-term marriages and suddenly find themselves back out in the unfamiliar world of dating. There is certainly not a one size fits all as far as dating is concerned.

Meanwhile, as couples move from dating to the next and exciting stage of pre-marriage planning, counseling is critical for relationship success.  For over thirty five years, the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool has been helping couples explore, strengthen and solidify their relationships. This comprehensive and highly respected tool allows couples to identify potential growth areas before they commit to marriage. It also includes research backed suggestions and exercises based on the findings of your individualized report that can be incorporated into therapy, ensuring the best future possible.  I have been fully trained in the Prepare Enrich assessment process and often advocaate for this as a “must use”  tool for all couples considering marriage.

If you are dating, considering pre-marriage counseling, or would like to learn more, I am happy to answer any questions you may have:



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