"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." CS Lewis


I am delighted that you have found your way to Katherine Hammons LPC.

Life is a journey filled with various challenges.

Whether it’s navigating difficult relationships, dealing with past or current traumas, experiencing some kind of life transition or simply finding it hard to get through the day, counseling can be a valuable resource.

Reflecting on my own life, I have come to realize that the obstacles I have faced often served as a catalyst for a better story. I believe that is the case for you as well.  If you are seeking out counseling, I would be genuinely honored to support you throughout the process.

Thank you!














Individual Counseling

Adults ages 18 and over. Areas of specialization include grief, trauma, PTSD, transitions, anxiety and stress, spirituality, and relationships.

Couples Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling (Prepare-Enrich Certified), Marriage and relationship issues. Level One trained Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT).


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy approach effective for treating a wide variety of areas. You can find much through the EMDRIA website.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction offers a safe and sacred space to contemplate your life’s journey with someone who provides support and encouragement along the way.  It is a place where someone sits with you, holding space without an agenda.

If you are on a path to self-discovery this list is a helpful starting place for gaining insight around what (and who) you find important. If you are anything like me, the answers may surprise you. #awtozer tozer#self-discovery#priorityandpurpose#purpose#calling#alpharettatherapist ...

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Although true at times, you don’t have to be alone as you work through it. 💗#alpharettatherapist#katherinehammonslpc#wholenessjourneyRepost: @juliastration ...

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As I wind up a week long training in Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy, (EFIT), I continue to be reminded that the concepts of wholeness, love and “coming home to self” all share a significant amount of overlap. To discover where we have knowingly, (and unknowingly), strayed from each of them is so much of what our personal transformation is about. Poem credit: Derek Walcott #EFIT#wholeness#DerekWalcott#SueJohnson#integrativepsychotherapy ...

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Do you have a favorite way to spend Sunday? Do you rest? Run errands? Go to church? Connect with family and friends? I try to make all of those a priority, however the truth is, reality can often invite less attractive invitations at times. Regardless of what may be pulling at me, I find it helpful to spend some time each Sunday in reflection and rest mode. The truth is, Monday always awaits. Consider this your guilt free nudge to take a second (or a few hours if that luxury is there) to “just be.” Your soul will thank you for it. #sundaysabbath#spiritualgrowth#soulcaresunday#soulcare. Artist unknown. Please provide credit if you are aware of who she/he is. ...

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“Because I thought it would stop growing. “ 🌱 It wouldn’t let me include the whole reel, but ironically that part is the best part. 🌷 To truly flourish, you may have to leave some things behind, especially those you have outgrown. You likely will sense resistance, but that does not mean you should resist the call. #flourish#prune#change#alpharettatherapist ...

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There is always so much more going on under the surface than we realize. Give it time. #growth#patience#flourishing#flourishinglife#februaryflourish#alpharettamoms#alpharettatherapist🌱 ...

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What does it actually mean to flourish? 🌸 It is such an important concept that Harvard even has a “Human Flourishing Program” within their Social Science Department. This month we are going to take a look at various ways we can personally flourish and in doing so impact not only our own lives but the world around us. #flourish#februaryflorishing#wellbeing#integrativehealth#integrativepsychotherapy#alpharettatherapist ...

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Experiencing trauma often results in people exhibiting symptoms and behaviors they don’t recognize as “normal” in themselves. This reaction can further exacerbate shame and self esteem issues, as it makes them feel embarrassed, helpless or out of control. It is important to seek professional care as this occurs, not only to evaluate the symptoms and treat the behaviors, but also to receive kind affirmation that their reactions are in fact, a normal response to “an abnormal situation”. #trauma#traumahealing#complexptsdawareness#complexptsdrecovery #victorfrankl#traumatherapyandcounseling ...

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What you tell yourself all day long really matters. #selfcompassion ...

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Soul care invites us to slow down, notice and tend to what our inner world may be needing; so in turn we can better connect with God, family, friends, nature, and beauty. In essence, our souls are what engage our attention to the world around us. The frenzied pace most of us live sets us up to become lost and overwhelmed with the management of all the things calling our name. One of my greatest passions is to practice and encourage the art of soul care. Some may find a walk and crisp air refreshing, other times it could be an invitation to stillness and rest. Wherever your soul finds you today, I invite you to consider how you could tend to whatever it may be asking.#soulcare#spiritualdirection#notice#stillnessandsolitide#lovebetter#alpharettaspiritualdirector ...

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Tomorrow it will be two weeks marking the day my precious daughter and her lovely husband became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. The fact that I am now a grandparent has unexpectedly become an even better gift than I had prepared for. However, as significant life events tend to do, it also has brought about a complexity of feelings. Didn’t I just have her? How does time go by so quickly? Compounding it all, the first time I laid eyes on Shepherd (isn’t that the best name?), I was not prepared for the experience. The feelings are simply indescribable as you experience the rush of instantaneous love for a baby all over again. Needless to say, I have been thinking a lot lately about intentionality, especially since this season crept so quickly upon me, and I am reminded that time is both fleeting and precious. I know how easy it is to be swayed by the messages of what the world says is important, and I am no stranger to getting it wrong sometimes. The picture in this post that I created is more for myself than anything. When love expands in your world, as it did in mine two weeks ago, the desire to take inventory of the ladder you are climbing somehow becomes even more essential. Today more than ever, I want to make sure it is “up against the right wall.” #thomasmertonquotes#ladderofsuccess#spiritualformation#purpose#newbornlove#intentionalliving#newseasons ...

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Just like most of you, I have used the beginning of the year to reflect and evaluate on where I want to be, and what is needed to get there. ⭐️ It seems like each January the pressure to be successful in every area of life keeps expanding. The aspirations of some are so comprehensive, the mere thought of tackling even half of their lists makes me want to take a nap! 😴 Reflecting on this reality, as well as witnessing some of the consequences of this mindset in my office, I strongly believe we need to consider what it is we are actually aiming for. 🧭 Is financial security becoming overshadowed with maintaining an impressive life? Are we so invested in keeping up with the Joneses that we forgot the gift of our very own families? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Goals and aspirations are certainly not a bad thing, and I encourage everyone to set some. I just wonder if what we are all searching for is not actually in the “more”. What if the “thing” we are seeking in the striving and excess is something that only can be found in the less?#simplify#margin#prioritize#overconsumption#backtothebasics#purpose#gentleliving#slowliving#alpharetta#alpharettatherapist ...

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Did you know that unhealed trauma in early relationships can make you susceptible to poor choices in future relationships? Of course this makes sense, and there are a variety of reasons this may occur. A few include, (but are not limited to), a learned inability to set proper boundaries, increased self doubt, normalization of chaos, an intense inner critic, as well as a profound inability to trust. Some people cannot tolerate loneliness, or they believe they are incapable of being on their own. Unfortunately, these are the individuals most likely to lean towards accepting whatever (or whoever) comes their way; even if a minimal level of respect or kindness is offered. I love how the author John Roedel encourages us to be mindful of the places we have been wounded and to be cautious towards what or who we fill those spaces with. His eloquent writing hit a nerve with me as he expressed, “Your wounds are not supposed to become attics for you to hoard unnecessary junk”. Is there any junk you may be hoarding? If you knew your soul was sacred (and it is), what or who would you be filling it with in comparison to what you may be currently? @john_roedel_writer #sacredself#relationshipwounds#innerhealing#attachmentwounds#legacy#relationshiptherapist#psychotherapy#youarevaluable#alpharettatherapist#johnroedel ...

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Who do you let define your worth? A family member? Friends? Significant other? Perhaps, even culture? If you are anything like me, it has been a combination of all of the above at some point.
It is so easy to get wrapped up in the messages others give us and before we know it, these messages can become our truth. As children, we don`t have much of a say in this, however, as we age, it is important to challenge the thoughts and beliefs we have taken on. Who have you let (knowingly or unknowingly) define your worth? Knowing this intellectually is not the end road to healing, but it is a great start. #JamesFinley#contemplativemystic#selfidentity#spiritualdirection#lovewins#selfesteem#rewriteyourstory#storywork#healing

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Being scared is often what prevents us from stepping out, into the unknown. If we listen to our fears, we could miss out on our true purpose. Anyone who you look up to has been fearful, but they got where they were in spite of it. Anxious? That’s ok. Our feelings are not always facts. Scared? That’s ok too. What if you did it anyway? #courage#truepurpose#therapistencouragement#steppingout#comfortzone#newyearnewyou ...

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Happy New Year! 2024. 🎉🎉 Technically speaking, it is a leap year, so you actually get one extra day to make this one the best yet. If not, that is ok too. 💗#happy2024#happynewyear#2024 ...

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Five for Friday📚

Here are a few books I have come across through the years that remind me of Hope, Joy and Peace.

I shortly realized it was the hope, joy, and peace I likely needed at the time, that invited each to become a “favorite”. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are in these categories. Happy Reading!

Hope 🙏

The Boy, The Horse, The Fox, and the Mole, by Charlie Mackesy.
This story reminds us that we all long for relationship and connection, promising brighter days ahead, if only we press on.

The Deepest Place, Suffering and the Formation of Hope, by Curt Thompson. The recognition that the experience of suffering often precedes the need for hope and that none of us are immune. His focus on healing in community is spot on with how I have witnessed (and experienced), my deepest transformations.

Joy 🤗

Love Does, by Bob Goff. If you are at all familiar with Bob Goff this one will not be a surprise. His presence is infectious, and his content as well. He makes ordinary moments exciting and fun.

Peace 🪽

Twas The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clark Moore.
This classic embodies what the memory can do for our own self-regulation. My grandfather, my dad, and now my husband read this one to the “children” of our family every Christmas Eve. As I listen, however old I happen to be, for a few moments, all seems right in the world.

The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness, by Tim Keller.
A fresh reminder of humility in a non-condemning way. Keller lays out the reminder that our worth is neither in what we do nor in others , and once we grasp this, peace usually follows.


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This year I recognized my priority of these unstructured days between Christmas and the New Year are changing. How do you enjoy the downtime? #christmastonewyears#selfcare#alpharettamoms#alpharettatherapist#priorities#slowerliving#intentionalparenting ...

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As you enjoy, (I hope 🙏), some time off over these next few days, reminders about “resolutions” and “goal-setting” are sure to be everywhere, especially on social media. In the meantime, I will be holding this reminder close. Thank you, Annie Dillard. I want to choose well. 🌅☀️🤔#anniedillard#newyearsresolution#goals#dailyliving#therapistthoughts ...

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Katherine May’s book, “Wintering”, beautifully elaborates on the season. Today is the longest night of the year, inviting more sunlight each day until the peak of brightness returns during the summer solstice in June. What would it look like if this year we actually embraced the long nights of winter? What if we recognized that It is actually in the slowing down where necessary reflection and rest occur? I love how she reminds us that the plants and animals don’t resist, they prepare and adapt. So, why is this so hard for us? Shedding of the old is necessary for growth and transformation. In fact, it is usually during this season of winter (although, brutal at times), where we are able to find increased clarity toward, "what actually is." In turn, we are humbled, informed, motivated, rested, and finally, ready to plant new seeds for the spring. #wintersolstice#restandrelaxation#inward#transformation#wintering#katherinema#seasonsoflife ...

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